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The International Island Classic is Australia’s largest historic motorcycle race

Celebrating its 26th consecutive year in 2019 the Island Classic will see a celebration of racing that has spanned more than a quarter of a century, making the event one of the most iconic historic motorcycle festivals in the world.

The event features the fiercely contested International Challenge where teams will battle a points score challenge for team success and the perpetual Ken Wootton trophy, awarded to the highest individual point scorer from the International Challenge races.

The Phil Irving trophy, named in honour of the gifted Australian engineer is awarded to the rider who accrues the most points outside of the International Challenge throughout the event weekend.

Solo classes will be held for bikes dating back to pre-WWI, right through to Vintage (1920-1945), Classic (1946-1962), Post Classic (1963-1972), Forgotten Era (1973-1982) and New Era (1983-1990) division.

Champions from past and present converge on the famous Phillip Island Circuit from all over the world for the Island Classic so you never know who you might bump into.

Event Schedule

The event schedule for the 26th International Island Classic is available below. 

2019 International Island Classic Event Schedule

For more information call the Island Classic Hotline on 03 5952 2710
Onsite Camping

Onsite Camping

Camping Stirp

Camping packages for the 2019 International Island Classic are no longer on sale

Located in a tranquil setting only a stone’s throw from the track and from Champions Cafe in the circuits Visitor Centre, camping trackside is the most relaxing and cost-effective way to experience three days of the best historic racing in the world.

For more information call the Island Classic Hotline on 03 5952 2710
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TV Broadcast

TV Broadcast 2019 Strip

The broadcast will take the 2019 International Island Classic and Phillip Island to the world

In a first for the Island Classic, the 2019 International Island Classic, presented by Visit Phillip Island introduced a post-produced two-hour television programme that is set to be broadcast around the globe.

The production will focus on the headline act, the International Challenge between teams from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Whilst spreading the holiday destination message of the idyllic Phillip Island worldwide.

Networks in the UK, Europe, South East Asia, North and South America are scheduled to televise the two-hour broadcast package.

In Australia, the programme will feature on Speedweek – SBS plus, SBS on demand (catch up TV), Fox Sports. It will also be aired in New Zealand on Fox Sports.




For more information call the Island Classic Hotline on 03 5952 2710
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